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by | Nov 5, 2017 |


Welcome to our website

UNIMAID is synonymous with great education. UNIMAID Alumni belong to a club of the brightest and best-prepared people in the nation.

The UNIMAID Alumni in Diaspora Organization is led & managed by a talented volunteer group of Alumni. We make the decision to volunteer many hours of our busy lives to the alumni association because we believe how important it is to give every  student and alumnus the opportunity to stand side by side with fellow world explorers, leading scientists, government leaders, successful business people and all the other extraordinary people that are part of our Alumni family.

The alumni association is a great hub of alumni, class and reunion news. However, Our alumni association is focusing more and more into making the association functional for you, your children and grandchildren. This is a very important asset if you are looking for an exciting internship or a career opportunity as our alumni always have an open door to fellow alumni looking for career advice or mentorship.

If you are a current member, thank you and hold on for the ride. If you are not a member yet, we welcome you to join a very bright, talented and successful group of fellow alumni members. And if you are looking to have a rewarding and challenging experience, become a volunteer to the UNIMAID Alumni Association and help us shape the association into something extraordinary.

Thank you.


  • Academic Excellence 100%
  • Graduate Retention 95%
  • National Approval Ratings 90%


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